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Township Ordinance 

The Raisin Charter Township Board has approved two (2) ordinances. One ordinance is a text change for the Agricultural Tourism Ordinance. The second ordinance is to Confirm the Establishment of a Planning Commission with Zoning Authority. Summary of these Ordinances are as follows: 

  1. Agricultural Tourism Ordinance (Section 9.300). A text change to add Micro-Breweries (item d.) as a permitted use. 
  2. Raisin Charter Township Ordinance Number 2017-100. An ordinance to confirm the establishment under the Michigan Planning Enabling Act of the Raisin Charter Township Planning Commission; provide for the commission; and repeal of any ordinances or parts of ordinances or resolutions in conflict with this ordinance. 

A true copy of these two (2) Ordinances may be viewed or obtained at: Raisin Township Hall located at 5525 S Occidental Hwy, Tecumseh, MI or via the link provided below: 

Agricultural Tourism Ordinance (text revision)

Ordinance Number 2017 – 100 to Confirm the Establishment of PC (091117)


These two (2) Ordinances will be considered for adoption at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Raisin Charter Township Board which is currently scheduled for Monday, September 25th. 


Jackie Schultz, Clerk

Raisin Charter Township


Township dump day is October 14th, the event will last from 8 AM to noon.


Additional Information regarding Dump Days can be accessed on the Resident Services webpage or at the following link: 

Dump Day List

Help Wanted

The Raisin Township Fire Department is accepting applications for the position of paid on call Firefighter/EMT’s.  All training is provided.  Applications can be picked up at the fire station located at 5525 Occidental Hwy, Tecumseh, MI  49286 M-F 8am-5pm or email Fire Chief Eddie Mathis at emathis@raisintownship.com.  If you do not  live in Raisin Township and would like to serve your community contact your local Fire Department.


Red Med Box 

Please click on the link provided for the Red Med Box, the link information includes, the location and what is accepted by the Red Med Box.


Medical Marijuana

Over the next several months, the Raisin Charter Township Board of Trustees will be reviewing information related to the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act. In an effort to obtain as much information as possible, we will be posting informational articles and publications on the Township website. We encourage all citizens to become informed on this topic and join us when we hold our Town Hall meetings. Stay tuned to the website for dates and times for upcoming meetings related to this topic.

Regulating Medical Marijuana

Article: Clearing the Haze on Medical Marijuana

MMFLA- Act 281 of 2016


Poverty Exemption Information :  Click on the links below to obtain information: