Region 2

Region 2 Planning

  • Jim Palmer


The Region 2 Planning Commission (R2PC) is a voluntary local governmental association serving Hillsdale, Jackson and Lenawee counties in south-central Michigan. Region 2 serves as a planning, research, and advisory resource to its member units of government. Staff provides a variety of professional planning services which benefit member communities including transportation, economic development and community planning assistance. For example, Region 2 planners have been helping local governments to develop, adopt, and implement master plans, zoning ordinances, and other planning and zoning resources for decades.

Other behind-the-scenes work performed by Region 2 staff facilitates the acquisition and expenditure of federal and state funding in two key areas throughout the three counties:

Transportation. The R2PC serves as the Jackson metropolitan area’s MPO, which facilitates all federal and state funding for transportation improvements throughout Jackson County and the Region 2 Rural Task Force, which facilitates the allocation of rural federal and state transportation funds throughout the entire region.

Economic Development. Region 2 planners have been working with the U.S. Economic Development Agency to establish Region 2 as an Economic Development District (EDD) which will make local governments eligible for federal economic development funding.