Planning Commission

Planning Commission

  • Mike Bartolo
  • Deb Brousseau – Board Rep
  • Marcus McNamara
  • Bob Utter
  • Laura Vansickle

Authorities and Responsibilities:

Shall make and adopt a basic plan as a guide for the development of the unincorporated portions of the township.
Shall approve/deny construction, location and character of streets, squares, parks or other public ways, grounds or open space, or public buildings and structures.
Capital improvements planning

The township board may designate the powers of a zoning board to a planning commission, including making recommendations as to a zoning plan, districts and ordinance, and, per the township’s ordinance, approving special land uses, planned unit developments and site plans.

Established By:
The township board of any township may create, by ordinance, a township planning commission with power to make, adopt, extend, add to or otherwise amend, and to carry out plans for the unincorporated portions of the township as provided in this act.

5, 7 or 9 members, who must be representative of important segments of the community, such as the economic, governmental, educational, and social development of the local unit of government, in accordance with the major interests as they exist in the local unit of government, such as agriculture, natural resources, recreation, education, public health, government, transportation, industry, and commerce. The membership must also be representative of the entire geography of the local unit of government to the extent practicable.

Members of a planning commission must be qualified electors of the township, except one planning commission member may be an individual who is not a qualified elector. (To be a qualified elector, a person must be 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen, and have lived in the township at least 30 days. Property ownership is NOT required).

One member of the township board shall be an ex officio member of the planning commission.

All members of the planning commission shall be appointed by the township supervisor with the approval of the township board, for a term of 3 years, with the exception of the ex officio member, whose term expires with his or her term on the township board.

Compensation to Members:
Members of the planning commission may be compensated for their services as provided by the township board.

OMA/FOIA Status:
Public body subject to Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information Act.