Young people in the 1800’s in Raisin Township found their recreation to include hunting and games with neighboring families. After working hard in the fields and clearing the forests away, young men and boys would enjoy a swim in the cool, clean waters of the Raisin River. The river was a welcome spot after a hard day’s work on the farm. Neighbors enjoyed getting together in the various activities such as husking bees, barn raising, quilting, etc. When such games as baseball became popular, neighborhood youth would get together, choose up sides and play in fields on the farms. During the early 1900’s most rural communities had baseball teams made up of the young people. Many farmers were generous in allowing space for a baseball diamond where the games were played.

In 1976, young people had difficulty locating a spot to play games such as baseball and football. Farmers were reluctant to allow space to play mainly because of liabilities in case of injuries. Playgrounds became scarce, and youth with cars turn to other activities away from the local areas. Local government units were about the only source that could provide a recreational area with playfields and parks. The “good ole days” did have some advantages. During the celebration of the Bicentennial Festival on July 3, 1976, a new park site was purchased by Raisin Township located at the corner of Gady and Green Hwy, and was dedicated for the citizens of Raisin Township.