There had been a feeling among the residents of Holloway for sometime that there should be some type of fire fire-historyprotection provided. This feeling intensified when the Hedrick’s house in which the Bryants were living was destroyed by fire in February of 1950.

     Allen Blouch, who after talking with several men of the community, called a general meeting that was held on March 8, 1950 in Blouch’s store, took the initiative for the organization of a volunteer fire department. It was a unanimous decision that a department be established and financed by a donation of $25 from each member of the department and that a solicitation be made throughout the township.

     With this as a beginning, the following officers were elected: Don Mitchell, President; Allen Blouch, Vice President; Don Jacqua, Secretary and Treasurer. Under the leadership of these men, the Raisin Township Fire Department became a reality. A Chevrolet truck was purchased with Laurence Kopke and Earl Bennington in charge, a tanker truck capable of carrying 600 gallons of water, and a mounted portable pump were built. However, before the tanker was completed, it was the opinion of the department that the Township should help furnish fire protection. With this in mind, a petition was circulated for a special election on the subject. On May 23, 1950, the Township Board was authorized to build a fire barn and to furnish the department with a truck. On May 29, 1950, the Township Board ordered a fire truck from Mr. Barton of the American Fire Apparatus Co. of Battle Creek. The truck was a F-7 Ford, marine type, two stage pump and tank truck, capable of carrying 500 gallons of water. The truck was delivered on November 18, 1950, but the building was not completed so it was stored in the Butler’s garage in Tecumseh for a period of about three weeks.

     A lot was purchased from John Youngs by the Township and the construction of the building began. Since the building contract was just a verbal agreement, the contractor failed to finish the fire barn. The men of the fire department gave many hours so that the fire station could be completed. It was estimated that two-thirds of the work was done by the firefighters.

     The first run out of the Raisin Township Fire Department was made when the Sutton School caught fire in the winter of 1951.

     Today, the Raisin Township Fire Department is a Paid-On-Call department with nearly thirty members, including one part-time Fire Chief and one Assistant Chief. The station is staffed Monday through Friday from the hours of 8am – 5pm. We respond to both fire and medical-related calls. 911 calls that occur after hours are handled by the paid-on-call staff.