Service our community in partnership with our community. The mission of the Raisin Township Police Department is to protect life and property and to enhance the quality of life through a broad range of problem solving and professional police services, while working in partnership with our government and community.


     In 2000, the Raisin Township Board approved a resolution to create the Raisin Township Department of Public Safety and establish a Law Enforcement division that worked under the authority of a Public Safety Director. Fire Chief Richard Renard was promoted to fill that position. In 2005, the Raisin Township Board approved a resolution to split the Law Enforcement division out from under the authority of the Director of Public Safety and created a stand-alone Police Department. Scott Lambka was promoted to Chief of Police at that time. With the retirement of Fire Chief Richard Renard in March 2013, Chief Scott Lambka was promoted to Public Safety Director. The Police and Fire Departments now operate under the Department of Public Safety administration.  In 2015 the board chose to return to a separate Police Department and Fire Department.  Kevin Grayer was selected to become the new Chief of Police.