Vacation watch forms:
     If you are going on vacation and would like to have Officer’s keep an eye on your residence please stop in the office and fill out a vacation watch form. Or you can print the form and drop it off to our office. Please remember to notify our Department when you return home.

House Vacation Watch Form

UD-10-Accident Reports:
     All accident reports are $6.00 when purchased from our office. You can also obtain a copy at the following websites at their listed prices: Click Here

Click Here – Go to online services and scroll down to traffic crash purchasing system.

Off Street Accident Forms:
     If you are involved in an off street accident: Ex.-Parking lot, driveway, etc. you can print the off street from and turn it into the RTPD.

Property Crash  

Driver Evaluation Forms:
     The Department of State may schedule a driver assessment re-examination on a driver based on evidence of physical infirmities or disabilities, vision deficiencies, convulsive seizures, blackouts, episodes, or for other reasons that may affect the person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Please provide a description of an incident or pattern of behavior, or other evidence which you believe justifies an evaluation. All sections of this form must be completed. Follow the instructions listed on the form. Raisin Township will not except these forms at our office.

Driver Evaluation Form