Tax Collecting

Taxes can be paid in person at the Township office during regular business hours, placed in our after-hours drop box,  online or mailed. Payments postmarked after the due date shall bear interest. We accept cash, check, or online credit cards. There is a additional fee for processing credit cards. Please make checks payable to: Raisin Township Treasurer.

Summer Taxes will be collected for the current year starting July 1st- September 14th. **1% interest will be added on September 15th. 1% will be added the 1st day of every month thereafter. A 3% penalty will be added after February 14th.

Winter Taxes will be collected beginning December 1st –February 14th. Penalties will be added after February 14th. All delinquent taxes are turned over to the Lenawee County Treasurer on March 1st.

  • If you need a receipt for your taxes, mail the entire tax bill with your payment. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope and we will return the bottom portion of your tax bill stamped paid.
  • Summer and Winter Tax Payments MUST be on separate checks.